Sunday, June 27, 2010

VV.AA. ::: Traditional songs and dances of Sardinia

And, with perfect timing, here's a new CD from Saydisc.  The Damian Webb tag alerts me to the possibility of songs by children - though the general presentation of this record did not prepare me for the fact that only 32 of the total 57 minutes playing time would be by adults.  Might the majority of potential purchasers feel slightly cheated?  One could argue that they shouldn't, particularly given the general high quality of the youngsters' performances (sound clip).  But they certainly should be by the quality of the booklet notes - also by Fr Webb - which manage to combine ignorance, irrelevant anecdote, misleading information and some personal observations which reveal a most unpleasantly patronising attitude...
01. Pastoral sounds - Nonmi giamedas Maria 2:59
02. La Povera Cecchina (Poor Little Blind Girl) - I Colori dell' Arcobaleno (Colours of the Rainbow) - Il Treno (The Train) 4:26
03. Ballo tondo (Country dance) 2:07
04. Vanto alla Fidanzata 1:57
05. Ave Maria 4:32
06. Folk dance music - Ballo (Tres passos) 3:45
07. Su Sa Corte De Su Re (Near the King's Courtyard) - Sas Cozzulas de Jubanna (The Little Cakes of Joanna) - Ite Bella Pizzinna (What A Lovely Baby Girl) 3:06
08. Folk dance music 3:03
09. 3 Sardinian love songs 11:05
10. Un Vaso di Porcellana (A Porcelain Vessel) - I Tre Tamburi (The Three Drummers) - La Bella Villana (The Beautiful Country Girl) 3:56
11. Passu tozzau - Dyllu (Country dances) 5:23
12. Sas Rundine e S'Oddeu (The Swallow and God) - Quell' Uccelletto (That Little Bird) - Le Rondinelle (The Swallows) - La Formicuzza (The Little Ant) 4:51
13. Folk dance music 1:52
14. La Solitudine (Solitude) - Gioco Topolino (The Little Mouse Game) - Madama Le Frulle Frulle (Madam (Egg) Whisk) - Siamo Sette Cavaglieri (We Are Seven Horsemen) 4:25
Saydisc CDSDL426
Traditional songs and dances of Sardinia part 1
Traditional songs and dances of Sardinia part 2
Traditional songs and dances of Sardinia part 3
Traditional songs and dances of Sardinia part 4

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