Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Nidi d'Arac ::: St. Rocco's rave

Nidi d'Arac continue exploring the multiples connections between the new and the ancient inspired by technological developments and a growing club culture.
By forging a more than ever stronger dialogue between traditional folk music and digital sounds, melting together electronica's hypnotic cadences and the trance state induced by the taranta, they have successfully taken their music well beyond the Italian typical pop/rock/raggae audience to a much wider world music audience and a club-going international fan base.
Always aware and deeply respectful of tradition, Nidi d'Arac have reshaped the traditional sounds of pizzica by employing dub's ability to distort and colour sound while retaining its ancient soulful beauty.
And to the purists that often say that is better to leave old traditions as they are, Nidi d'Arac can just point out that there are elements already present in the old that very much often are sympathetically and quite naturally amplified by the new
01 Straniero del mondo
02 L'acqua de la funtana
03 Sogno
04 Quante tarante?
05 St. Rocco's rave
06 Calispera
07 Matinata
08 Radio Tirana (musica strana)
09 Gocce
10 Ritmo
11 Bellissima creatura
12 St. Rocco's rave after
13 Pizzica del barbiere
promo album  • Produzione Tarantulae, 2005
FLAC • full scans 
St. Rocco's rave part 1
St. Rocco's rave part 2
St. Rocco's rave part 3

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