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Gerardo Balestrieri ::: Un turco napoletano a Venezia

Gerardo Balestrieri was born in Remscheid in June 1971 Actually he 's living in Venice
Apolid composer and singer he studied at Oriental University of Naples
Tout-court artist he makes a live-sound-track of Murnau's Nosferatu and collaborations with Daniele Sepe, Bebo Storti , Le Theatre de la Ville de Paris…
In 1999 Balestrieri founds "Les travailleurs de la Nuit" (not organized band variabile in humors and elements), writes and records "Anachronistic Dream of a Disadapted of the century XXI" a concept-album tribute to Alexander Marius Jacob, gentleman and sarcastic thief wich inspired Le Blanc for Arsenio Lupin.
In the years 2000 and 2005 Balestrieri is invited to Premio Tenco and he plays in session with Stefano Bollani, Ellade Bandini, Mauro Pagani, Francesco Guccini and others
He wins International Pelago Festival Buskers '96-Risonanze 2004- Mantova Musica Festival 2006- Sciamano Showman festival 2006.
The first album "I nasi buffi e la scittura musicale" is considered the Second First Opera of 2007 and Balestrieri is invited for the third time to Premio Tenco.
In "Venice Carnival 2008" he presents le disc In Theathre Fondamenta Nuove and after in february on Sky TV.
Between July and August always in the same theatre, he records and presents with Arif Azerturk Ensemble of Istanbul " A Neapolitan Turk in Venice" , spectacle on the Neapolitan song revisited in middle-orient style, with musicians and instruments of Asia Minor.
In "Venice Carnival 09" "A la Folie" he presents le "Repertoire Megaphoniste"
In july '09 pubblished the cd: " A Neapolitan Turk in Venice" and record "Who is Boris Vian" In the same period records with Moshen Namjoo in his new album "Oy".With the same artist plays in Venice Cinema Festival....... In septeber "A Neapolitan Turk in Venice" is considered Second Album Cover of the year '09
In november and december '09 Gerardo Balestrieri joins Fishtank Ensemble in California: Live-tour and a new Album recorded in Los Angeles.
The recording from " Songs at crossroads (al crocicchio)” had already began in Venice, a second disc of original and unpublished songs...In february he plays in Carnaval of Venice 2010. Summer 2010 tour with Arturo Brachetti. Open act, composer and player during the Show "Brachetti & Friends". In july " Songs at crossroads" is pubblished by Luigi Fantini (...Paolo Conte's manager)
With a deep voice he uses more languages like italian, greek, french,,napolitain and english…
Lyrics often frequents poetry, irony, bizarre sarcasm. Etno-Jazz and France, swing , Tzigane Etnicity and MiddleOrient-sensual-power , Gerardo Balestrieri loves to jokes with words without forget rhythm and dance

Didem Dermen: kanun, santur
Arif Azerturk: oud, tar, saz, bouzouki
Gerardo Balestrieri: voice, guitar, accordion, daf, zill
Paola Fernandez Dell’Erba: voice
Loris Tagliapietra: double bass
Musereff Dilek Zertunç: bass kementche
Sinan Çelik: ney, kaval
Said Chavoshbaran: daf, tombak
Marzuk Mjeri: darbuka, riqq, mazhar

01 A Marechiare 4.53
02 Maruzzella 6.123
03 Canzone appassiunata 4.06
04 Guapparia 3.21
05 0 guappo `nnammurato 3.46
06 Scetate 4.48
07 Nascette 'mmiezz `o mare 6.45
08 0 Sarracino 4.05
09 Caravan petrol 3.24
10 Tammuriata nera 4.4
11 Uocchiee'arraggiunate 4.56
12 Core `ngrato 5.19

2009 • Interbeat INT 02-09

> 192 kbps VBR • complete scans

Un turco napoletano a Venezia

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