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Lou Tapage ::: Que vos lei far

Lou Tapage (which in the medieval French dialect Langue d’Oc means "the uproar") was born in 1999 with the meeting of seven talented musicians from Saluzzo in northwestern Italy. Their different styles combined to create a sound so unique that a new term has been created to describe their genre: Nu Folk. It is a personal and eclectic sound, deep-rooted but always on the go. A strong but intangible leitmotiv, always present, is the energy of the band itself. At its core, Lou Tapage is in fact an energetic exploration, without preconceptions, into what music is and what it might convey... .. After researching the ancient Langue d'Oc, they decided to compose lyrics in the Catalan, Provençal and Occitan dialects, sometimes mixed with elements of French, Italian and Spanish (Castilian), along with traditional melodies... .. In the past few years, Lou Tapage has performed at many concerts throughout Italy. You can see the complete list on .. In 2003 a five song demo-tape was produced. In December 2005 the album "Lou Tapage" was released by Videoradio ( -- the label of, among others: Andrew Braido, Faso, Meyer, Menconi, Maxx Furian, Tullio de Piscopo and of the orchestra Symphonic National RAI) and distributed by HotRecords. In 2007 the band's second album, Rêve Etèrne, was released by Folkest disks ( .. .. Songs by Lou Tapage appear on several compilation CDs and have been broadcast nationwide on numerous radio and television stations..

Paolo Chiotti: drums
Marco Barbero: bass, bagpipe, recorders, mandolin, Jew’s harp
Andrea Bertolotti : voice, percussion
Monica Rossi: semitoun, hurdy-gurdy
Chiara Cesano: violin, viola
Dario Littera: electric and acoustic guitar
Andrea Costamagna: el. Guitar (03, 08)
Roberta Giulia Delfino: voice (06)
Marco Bailone: Jew’s harp (10)

01 Sensa fin
02 Ma chatina
03 Le temps des bohemiens
04 Cafe Patanu
05 Toss the feathers
06 Terra i mar
07 Que vos lei far
08 Grimes e sospir
09 Le sendrier
10 D’aire
11 Ballo in fa diesis minore
12 Içi
13 En chaminont
14 In nomine

2009 • Folkest Dischi DF 79 CD

> 192 kbps VBR • complete scans

Que vos lei far


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