Sunday, January 09, 2011

Tuscae gentes ::: 150 e oltre

courtesy of Survivor69 at Dimeadozen
live FM radio broadcast by "La Stanza della Musica", Radio3 RAI, from Sala M, RAI Studios, Roma, Italy on friday 07 January 2011
These are songs from Tuscanian folkore and/or themes from "Risorgimento" (the historical period when Italia was united/created/founded, around 1861) and this set is somehow part of Radio3 celebrations for the 150 years of Italy - every track should need an extensive explanation, their name is pronounced "Tusce gentes" as in Latin (it kinda means People From Tuscany). Note that the interviews and introductions (about the history of these songs, and about the artist themselves, totalling kinda 24 mins - so only 30' of music are left) are in ITALIAN, maybe useless downloading them if you don't understand it, hence songs and speeches are in separate archives

Daniele Poli: voice
Ugo Galasso: ocarina, clarinet, piffero, choir
Giuseppe Cornacchia: accordion
Lucia Sciannimanico: voice
Francesco Castagnoli: double bass
Rocco Zecca: voice, percussion
Nicola Mitolo: violin
Lea Galasso: cello

01 Partire, partiró
01b intervista 1
02 Metternicche
02b intervista 2
02c intervista 3
03 Venezia
03b intervista 4
04 Camicia rossa
04b intervista 5
05 Storia di Davide Lazzaretti
05b intervista 6
06 Inno ad Oberdan
06b intervista 7
07 La brigata Garibaldi
07b radio outro

FLAC • complete cover set
please not distribute in a lossy format



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