Tuesday, January 31, 2012

as soon as possible, a massive reupoloading campaign will start.
I'm looking for a new archive host


Alexandre Napoli said...


eL tiZ said...

i think mediafire is one of the best (at least for the download.. i don't know it for the upload)

Alexandre Napoli said...

I agree! Mediafire is one of the lightest an less bureaucratic hosts. You don't need to wait and it offers the possibility of several downloads at the same time. It's not as fast as rapidshare or megaupload, but it's worth it. Let's just hope those stupid american senators won't shut it down too.

Timóteo Pinto said...


Barron said...

As you may know, several major music blogs using Mediafire lost all their posts this year, most notably Global Groove.

Narod works well for a number of blogs. Divshare is not popular, but is fast and reliable. Zippyshare is another possibility.

Whatever you decide, I hope you will choose a service that can be accessed from the USA. I have greatly enjoyed the music you have posted over the last couple of years, and hope to hear more of it. Certainly the music posted here will not be accessible to me in any other way.

Many thanks for all the music you have share with us in the in past.