Thursday, January 18, 2007

Riccardo Tesi & Banditaliana ::: Lune

Melodeon king Riccardo Tesi explores music from around the world, but sticks to his Tuscanian roots 

Riccardo Tesi: melodeon
Maurizio Geri: voice, guitar, saz, tamburello
Claudio Carboni: saxes
Ettore Bonafè: vibraphone, percussions
Daniele Mencarelli: bass
Marco Fadda: percussions
Damiano Puliti: cello
Archæa strings: string quartet
Emiliano Licastro: Jew's harp
Nuovo Coro dei Maggianti di Scansano: choir
Ginevra Di Marco: voice
Francesco Magnelli: piano
Daniele Sepe: sopranino sax
Claudio Fossati: drums
Mirko Guerrini: electric piano
Silvano Lobina: electric bass
Ominostanco: remix

01 Assedio 4.10
02 Brughiere 4.07
03 Lune 4.57
04 Scapoli 4.15
05 Ninna nanna 5.11
06 Trioole' 4.03
07 Il valzer della povera gente 4.04
08 Aulos 2.50
09 Macedonia 4.45
10 Loulou 4.03
11 Maggio 5.37
12 Tevakh 4.05

2004 • il manifesto CD140

password: highqualitymp3


Anonymous said...

Danny - this is wonderful! I only new (and have) one recording with Tesi, "Colline", with Trovesi and Patrick Vaillant - one of the most atmospheric recordings I have.
(I posted this in October at the now defunct Squeezo blog - though the dl-link is still active:

Cheers, Lucky

PS - thanks for linking to my new blog Border Music! As I have all my posts from Orang Aural transferred to the new one, there's no need to link to it anymore - I've switched off the archive and show only the most recent post with the link to the new site... ;)

cianfulli said...

I think I have all Riccardo's album, they all will be posted here soon.

cianfulli said...

Colline is a beautiful album, but their previous one Veranda his even better

mariomba said...

Disco STRAORDINARIO questo di Tesi.
Consiglio a tutti di vederlo dal vivo: veramente emozionante.
PS. Hey Danny, come vanno i tuoi problemi col "mal della pietra"? Tutto risolto?

cianfulli said...

mi hanno rimosso il catetere ed ora sto bene, grazie
they removed the ureteral catheter on Wednesday and now I'm well

skimble said...

Thanks from the USA. I have many of the Tesi albums, including Lune. Of everything you post, it is the rare recordings of little-known artists that I appreciate most. But I am glad you are sharing the spirit of Italian folk music with so many. You have introduced me to so many interesting Italian artists -- grazie!