Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Alberto Balia, Ambrogio Sparagna & Riccardo Tesi - Folkstudio, Rome, February 3, 1981

Marcello send me this live gem from the eighties

Live recording of a gig by Alberto Balia (guitar, voice), Ambrogio Sparagna (zampogna, melodeon, voice) and Riccardo Tesi (melodeon), that took place at Folkstudio, Rome, Italy on February 3, 1981.
Stuff spans throughout many Italian regions, but a big part of it comes from Sardinia.

Recorded with a k7 Marantz/Superscope machine and a Sony stereo microphone

1 Tarantella calabrese 2.16
2 Lombardina/Lanterna/Magica/Giga/Bergamasca 6.41
3 Polca dei grilli/Polca di Giannattasio 3.58
4 La castellana 3.32
5 Saltarello popecastre antico romano 8.11
6 Ballo sardo 2.41
7 Argia 7.52
8 Ninnananna/Processione 6.09
9 Ballo sardo 3.36
10 Tarantella 3.31



Andrea said...

complimenti per il blog (ottima la qualità e la scelta) e auguri per la salute.
Tesi è una grande, lìho visto una volta dal vivo (Banditaliana).
Una richiesta: hai qualcosa di Giovanna Marini?


Lucky said...

hi, danny!
i've seen you with great additions on the forum, now i finally get to know your blog...
i've only heard one record with ricardo tesi ('coline' with patrick vaillant and gianluigi trovesi), which has some of the best and challenging music i have in my entire collection!!!

here in germany it is very difficult to find anything either from france or from italy from the more advanced music of that genre.

thankyou for providing this rare performance - i'm eager to hear more from tesi, i'm a big fan of many accordionists (i'm an amateur player myself).

i've posted some accordeon-music on my now defunct blog squeezo, and not many links are still active...

if you want to see the active ones:

cheers, lucky