Sunday, December 10, 2006

Càlic - Terres de mar

In 1995 Càlic, a group from the Catalan speaking community of Alghero in the Sardinian NorthWest, recorded their second album, Terres de mar. Though not a major release, it was easily available outside their own island and made a good impact on the public. In 1998 they recorded Attinde (more on this record in the near future), then disbanded to resurface some times later with a fourth record, La Cançò catalana a Sardenya, again with a regional distribution only.
Core of the group were Claudio Sanna, who sang in Algherese and Mariano Piras, who sang in Sardinian.

01 Muttos 4.39
02 Sos ojos 4.06
03 Arrosciada 2.41
04 Un poeta 4.36
05 Ballu burdu 4.31
06 Mariner 3.36
07 S'oberaju 6.25
08 Un home 5.48
09 Gobbula 4.57
10 Trobaras 4.55

Claudio Sanna: voice, guitar, bouzuki, flutes, pipiorus, ximbomba
Mariano Piras: voice, guitar, oud, hurdy-gurdy, serraggia
Antonio Luiu: voice, double bass
Graziano Solinas: piano, accordion
Alberto Cabiddu: bendir, darbouka, kalimba, congas
Giovanni Macciocu: cello

1995 • CNI Anagrumba LDL743

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