Thursday, December 07, 2006

Uaragniaun - Skuarrajazz

Third record by this fantastic trio from Puglia. They come from Le Murge, near to the Lucanian border and are quite different from most of the band from their region.
Working songs, narrative songs lullaby and dance music too, with magnificent Maria Moramarco's voice setting an intimate mood.
Helping them throughout there are some well known musicians like Daniele Sepe and Ambrogio Sparagna

01. Ballo di Mastro Gerardo 5.20
02. Quando jè belle 2.09
03. 21 Fiorile 1799 5.09
04. Cantos 4.14
05. Motus 3.12
06. Brunette 4.30
07. O re re 3.36
08. Natale Internazionale 3.19
09. Nenia 3.45
10. Uè figghia figghia 4.58
11. Uccelloz 3.49
12. Rocca rocca/Uè mamma mamme 6.29
13. Passe e spasse 4.20
14. Quanne Sand’Anne 4.43
15. U pastaure 6.33
16. Putresenella 6.17

Luigi Bolognese: guitar, mandocello, bouzouki
Maria Moramarco: voice
Silvio Teot: tammorra, darbouka, percussions
Daniele Sepe: sax
Ambrogio Sparagna: melodeon
Piero Ricci: zampogna, piccolo, accordion
Lino Miniscalco: ciaramella
Nico Berardi: charango, flute, zampogna, quena
Giovanni Loiudice: cello
Enzo Miniscalco: bass guitar
Rocco De Rosa: keyboards
Alfredo Cornacchia: keyboards
Pino Colonna: flute
Filippo Giordano: violin
Francesco Attolini: violin
Christopher Sblendorio: melodeon
Ernest Carracillo: melodeon
Sandro Pippa: duf
Davide Torrente: tammorra
Coro Polifonico S. Mercadante

2000 • Dunya Records cd FY 8008



skimble said...

Thank you for all of these wonderful treasures, from Chicago USA

julioxo said...

Blog meraviglioso che visiterò spesso
Saluti dalla Spagna

mariomba said...

Grande album, come al solito.

John said...

Hello -

Wonderful blog, wonderful recording.

Track 15 (U pastaure) appears to be missing, however. Is there a chance you could post that one, as well?

Thanks very much for all your hard work!

julioxo said...

Wonderful album