Thursday, December 28, 2006

Lou Dalfin - Gibous, bagase e bandi'

After two strictly folk recordings, Lou Dalfin tranformed into this folk rock outfit. This is their fourth and, dare I say, best record. 
Leader of the group, Sergio Berardo, is the mastermind behind the revival of Occitan folk music: most of the musicians playing today in Western Piedmont have been his pupils, or are heavily influenced by him.
Lou pal is an Occitan version of the anti Franco Catalan song L'estaca by Lluis Llach.

Sergio Berardo: hurdy-gurdy, melodeon, recorders, voice
Enrico Damilano: bass
Alfredo Piscitelli: guitars
Riccardo Serra: drums, percussions
Fabrizio Simondi: Keyboards, voice
Dino Tron: accordion, melodeon, pipes
Roy: trumpet
Tyson: trombone
Pablo Parpaglione: saxofones
Davide Rossi: fiddle
Nives Orso: galoubet
Stefano Degioanni: voice
Madaski: voice, programming

01 Lo gibós/Neu 5.09
02 La vacha malha 2.39
03 Suite de rigaudons: de Saint-Bonnet/Sant Ahnes/La dançarem pus 5.07
04 Aisoun 1.56
05 Rossinholet sarvatge/Rigaudon 3.31
06 La San Zan/Monsarà/Avant de s'en aller 6.04
07 Lo pal 3.27
08 Farandola 1.15
09 François/Joan Peiròl/Per ben la dançar 5.02
10 Ploretz, filhetes/Anges/Addio Lugano bella/Me pare 7.24
11 Bandits 4.51
12 Lou dub 4.01

1995 • Baracca e burattini/Sony 37-483678-10

Gibous, bagase e bandi'


Elio said...

Uno dei dieci dischi da portare sull'isola deserta. Grazie.

Anonymous said...

Hi Danny!
Just a few words to thank you for your great work.
I am a big European Folk music fan, and your blog is a fantastic way to discover italian records I can't find in France.
Now I know which CDs I will buy through internet record shops.... because it's the goal (isn't it?)to help traditional bands around the world to keep the flame!
Hope you'll give ideas to other people in other countries to do the same.
Happy Christmas, happy New Year
Pace e Salute
Yvon (Paris)

Dario said...

Grazie per questo disco.
Abito vicino di Cuneo (in Francia) ed ho avuto occasione di vederli.
Un grande gruppo.
Oui un grand groupe surtout en public !

danny said...

Mandami un messaggio e-mail, se puoi. C'è un problema con l'altro messaggio