Sunday, January 07, 2007

CantoDiscanto ::: Medinsud

Based in Emilia, they emigrated there from Southern Italy, this is their third record, the first easily available. They are joined by Faisal Taher, the well known Palestinian singer, who sang with the Sicilian band Kunsertu

Guido Sodo: guitars (classic, portoguese and battente), oud, voice
Silvia Testoni: voice
Guglielmo Pagnozzi: alto sax , clarinet
Roberto Bartoli: double bass
Paolo Caruso: percussions
Faisal Taher: Palestinian voice

01 Medinsud 5.00
02 Aman 2.17
03 Riturnella 5.22
04 Luce luce 7.02
05 O bastimiento 5.47
06 Figliole 'nnammurate 5.26
07 Lua-bao 5.26
08 Signora Auciella 4.14
09 Baladi/Tarantella del Gargano 4.26
10 Taradixie 2.48
11 O pazzo cu 'o violino 4.46
12 Tal el ferak 2.22
13 O tiempo ca vene 4.43

2001 • Harmony music HMMS 14



Gagarin said...

Thank you very much for this wonderful music. The combination of mediterranean and north african sounds reminds me of Radio Tarifa. I found your blog by Totally Fuzzy.

Mille grazie!

socratesr said...

i have been searching for a long time...
wish you upload more of their albums...
thanks a million!!!