Monday, January 08, 2007

Carlo Rizzo ::: Schérzo Orientale

Alone with his voice, clarinet and his several tamburelli Carlo Rizzo take us with him in a voyage around Italian folk music with some pieces of music improvised on frame drums here and there
01. Radici 
02. Diciassette 
03. Bella figliola 
04. Impro polytimbral No.1 
05. Orientale 
06. Bel visino 
07. Impro multitimbral No.1 
08. Iesci sole 
09. Maremma 
10. Tammurriata 
11. Ninnanunnarella 
12. Impro polytimbral No.2 
13. Ambaraba 
14. Danza del deserto 
15. Duru duru 
16. Impro Multitimbral No.2 
17. Tarantella 
18. Sequenze 
19. Celeste tesoro 
1997 • Al Sur ALCD 214


Lucky said...

Danny - I'm a big fan of the art of Carlo Rizzo - but I somehow missed this at Ambrose's Thread!

Thanks for posting this again...

I first heard Rizzo on some of Michael Riessler's records, and also with the wonderful Valentin Clastrier on hurdy-gurdy!
I have an entirely different CD with Rizzo from Luc Ferrari, where he's featured on one track...

btw - it seems for me that you have very deep understanding of Italian folk music. I once bought a used lp with jaw's harp music from Italy by Emanuele Calanduccio called ""U Marranzanu" (Joker LP, 1973) - on some tracks it seems like 'original' folk music, on others it sounds a bit poppy...
i'll certainly post it at my orang aural blog in the next weeks or so...

cheers, Lucky/hoax12!

PS - I love Battista Lena's "Banda Sonora", which is more of a jazz-hybrid-folk thing - but what a great big band sound!!! (it's out on the french Label Bleu).

danny said...

Joker released very cheap lp's way back in '60s and '70's, maybe not strictly legal.Some records were good, other pretty awful (there was even Mussolini's speech).
Marranzanu is Sicilian word for Jew's harp, you know, and it's known in Italian as scacciapensieri or tromba degli zingari.
I like Banda sonora too, there is a beautiful little movie by Battista's wife, Francesca Archibugi, about the band,
Catch it if you can.
I'm going to post what I think to be the best 'banda' record: Matri mia second album by Banda Ionica with mighty guest appearance by Cristina Zavalloni and Vinicio Capossela.
Stay tuned

Lucky said...

cianfulli - you're an expert i see! ;)

Vinicio Capossela played with Banda? You're kiddin! ;)
I have just one compilation of him called "L'indispensabile" - but it's one of my all-time favorite - so humourous and witty (although i don't understand a word - the same with signore conte!!).
I'm sure Capossela is an Italian hero! Here in Germany I don't know anyone who knows him ...

I'm staying tuned for your sure! Though I'm not at all familiar with Italian folk music - your Rizzo-crosspost from Ambrose seems like glue... ;)

till next time - i'll rip the marranzanu-vinyl now....

cheers, lucky

anki said...

hi. can u re-up this album if it is possible?