Monday, March 26, 2007

Coro della Portella di Paganica (AQ) ::: So' sajitu ajiu Gran Sassu

Courtesy of Simone
Coro della Portella formed in 1982 with the contribution of 30 singers and a selfteached director, sharing a passion for ‘mountain singing’.
Since then they have been playing lot of gigs in their Abruzzo and taking part to important festival in other parts of Italy and abroad as well.
Their aim is researching, studying and displaying Italian folk singing, with a particolar focus on their Abruzzo’s roots.
Compositore Teo Usuelli help them as a trainer and arranger

4 male voices, directed by Vincenzo Vivio

01 J'Abbruzzu 3.11
02 Tutte li fundanelle 1.45
03 Amore amor 3.41
04 A Barisciane 2.10
05 Si lu mi' amore 2.40
06 A' capa marite 1.29
07 L'ellera 3.39
08 All'orte 1.45
09 Mare Majie 2.32
10 Lu piante de le fojie 2.41
11 Ninna nanna de Natale 2.11
12 Vola vola 2.14

1994 • Ass. musicale Coro della Portella CDP 002


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