Monday, March 26, 2007

Li troubaires de Coumboscuro ::: A toun souléi

Courtesy of dani aka dj fishbone
Led by Arneodo brothers, a somewhat different approach to Occitan music

Paolo Molineri: drums, percussions
Roberto Chiriaco: electric bass
Marco Ficarra: fiddle, electric guitar
Dario Bertano: classicand acoustic guitars
Bruno Sorba: keyboards
Salvino Cannone: cello
Clareto Arneodo: voice
Davi Arneodo: recorders, accordion, voice
Fabrizio di Andrè, Dori Ghezzi, Karyady ensemble di Baku, Franco Mussida, Alan Stivell, Tazenda, Gabriel Yacoub

01 La pour 6.55
02 Pastret di quèi risent 4.35
03 Tra de record 4.43
04 A toun souléi 4.37
05 Bizet 3.40
06 Aval 4.40
07 Thoule derriero 3.25
08 Nouvè 8.19
09 Mis amour 3.02
10 Danço di sesoun 3.50
11 Brin d'annado 4.15
12 Capouliero 1.08

1995 • Target 300 404-2

A toun souléi
track 08
A toun souléi


Anonymous said...

Thanks Danny...

Verry nice music,.....butt i dont know if you know that it is a verry bad ripp

Keep up the good work !!!


danny said...

No, I don't know, burt I can rip it by miself and re-up.

Anonymous said...

only if you've find the time,...ok !!!


Wollas said...

Best world music album ever, in my opinion. I bought it several years ago in a small shop, in a little mountain town where the band lives. They're great! There is poetry in their lyrics and deep competence about Occitan culture, the birthplace and the cradle of modern Europe, a lesson for our times.

Anonymous said...

Ho questo CD --- è grandissimo !

Ne hanno fatto altri dopo ?