Monday, June 04, 2007

Alexian group ::: Gijèm Gijèm - Musique rromani des Abbruzes

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Santino Spinelli his the main cultural ambassador of the Italian Rom comunity
Alexian Santino Spinelli: accordion, vocals
Maurizio Rolli: double bass
Marco Malatesta: percussion
Francesco Ciancetta: guitar, lute, choir
Juditha Hamza: violin (01, 04, 06, 10)
01. La danze del Beng
02. Echi d'Oriente
03. So me te keràs
04. Aria zingara
05. Suno' Romano'
06. La danza del fuoco
07. Jilo' bi nafèl
08. A briglie sciolte
09. Murdevèle
10. Kaggio'
11. Gijèm Gijèm
1996 • Al Sur ALCD 171
Gijèm Gijèm part 1
Gijèm Gijèm part 2


Anonymous said...

hey guys, your blog is awesome! i'd never get to hear all these albums if it wasn't for your site. keep up the great work. if you've got more italian gypsy music ... bring it on! fascinating stuff.

Anonymous said...

More italian Gypsy music, please!