Thursday, November 29, 2007

Luigi Cinque & Tarantula Hypertext O'rchestra ::: Tangerine Café

This music is a lot of things. It's difficult to say whether it's world music or jazz or Mediterranean groove. Whatever it is, there's not a bad track or misstep on this CD. At times the music sounds like mid-70s Miles, at others like Gabriele Mirabassi's beautiful "Latkia Blend" CD, and at yet other times like some of the most evocative Mediterranean cafe music. It expresses Middle Eastern and North African landscapes, then shifts into almost straight ahead jazz. With more than ten musicians of diverse talants, "Tangerine Cafe" continually unfolds new surprises and stands up to many repeated spins on the player
Luigi Cinque - vocals, soprano sax, keyboards, electronics, sax clarinet, clarinet, tammorra, harmonium 
Raiz - vocals 
Paolo Fresu - trumpet 
Danilo Rea - piano 
Gianluca Ruggeri - marimba, percussion 
Enzo Pietropaoli - double bass, electric bass 
Bnet Houaryat - background vocals 
Jivan Gasparyan - duduk 
Badara Seck - vocals 
Luca Sanzò - viola 
Sonia Romano - cello 
Carlo Mariani - launeddas 
Orazio Corsaro - bagpipes 
Adembi El Gadari - guimbri, vocals 
Abdellatif Oughassal - karakeb, vocals 
Ali Shaigan - santur, kamachek 
Abdou Abdemarran - vocals 
Gnawa Sidi Mimoum - rhythmic chorus 
Giaomo De Caterini - electronics, guitar 
Fulvio Maras - percussion 
Emil Zrihan - vocals 
Mangla Tiwari - vocals 
Michele Cinque - didgeridoo 
Francesco Peverini - violin 
Prosca Amori - violin 
Evelina Meghnagi - vocals 
MRF String Quartet 
MRF Chorus 
01. Garritm/Core amante 
02. Tangerine Cafe 
03. Niente Senza 'e te 
04. Radiobaladid 
05. Coro meccanico 
06. Garritm/Songlines 
07. Tangerine Cafe - instrumental 
08. Garritm/Danza 
09. Ararat 
2002 • Mediterraneo FHME 19 
320 kbps mp3, including full booklet scans
Tangerine Café part 1
Tangerine Café part 2

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