Thursday, November 15, 2007

Marcello Melis ::: The new village on the left...

Courtesy of dipmong at SFRP forum, CJW section who said one of the first 'world' music 'jazz' fusion albums, and it's also one of the best 
Free jazz musicians played over vocal tracks recorded by a tenore group two years early

Marcello Melis: bass
Enrico Rava: trumpet
Roswell Rudd: trombone
Don Moye: drums

Rubanu vocal quartet:
Egidio Muscau: first voice
Antonio Buffa: falsetto
Sebastiano Piras: baritone
Nicolò G. Rubanu: bass

1977 • Black Saint 120012 (1997)

The new village on the left...
The new village on the left...


Caravaggio said...

thanks Danny great stuff

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sunbathinglizard said...

hi there!
just wanted to let you know that i linked to your blog - i thought it would be a good moment since i posted some nanni svampa. i hope that's allright with you. if you would like to make any amendement please let me know.
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Anonymous said...

Hi Danny

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Gus from Grecia

danny said...

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Anonymous said...

Greetings from Canada. Amazing to find this link still good! I bought this album on vinyl when it first came out and was totally amazed by Gruppo Rubanu. You seem to indicate this is the CD version. If so I will be very pleased to hear a quiet "Village On The Left." Many thanks!!