Friday, December 21, 2007

Pivari trio ::: Passa ripassa

Established in 2001, Pìvari Trio is a group of research and revival of the italian musical traditions.
With different musical backgrounds, the members of the trio combined their common interest in italian traditional music to explore different repertoires and rescue them from the state of progressive and undeserved neglect.
So, in 2003, starting from the degree thesis of Giuliano Biolchini – discussed at the University of Bologna with Roberto Leydi - arose the first discographical project of Pivari Trio, the CD “Passa ripassa. Songs and dances of Frignano area”, centred on the repertoires collected in the mountainous region of Modena.
The CD was favourably rewieved by the specialized press, both in Italy and abroad, and obtained a recommendation of merit in the prestigious french publication “Trad Magazine”.
Thanks to the CD, Pìvari Trio, during 2003, played in the more important italian festivals of traditional music.
In the summer of the same year, through a close cooperation with the Culture Councillorship and the Sound Archives of Nonantola (Modena), the trio started a music school, at the “Officine Musicali” of Nonantola, and the research into the sacred songs of the popular tradition.
First planned for the area around Modena, the research was extended to the neighbouring Bologna and Reggio Emilia. During this time Pìvari Trio met the “Compagnia del Maggio di Frassinoro” and together they worked for the production of the new CD, centred on the sacred repertoires collected both in this and in previous searches. “La terra che mi porta”, this the title of the brend new work publisheb by Folkclub Ethnosuoni too, has been presented on the 19th of May 2005 at the Abbey of Nonantola (MO), with a very good feedback both from public and critics

Fabio Bonvicini: flutes, accordion, baghèt, rustic flute, voice
Mario Nobile: cello, accordion, rustic flute, voice
Renzo Ruggiero: hurdy-gurdy, nickelharp, mandocello, voice
Giovanni Tufano: snare drums on Passa ripassa

01 Mazurca - prologo
02 Valzer dell'ottocento
03 Rusinòt
04 Rusinòt
05 Monferrine e Scottis di Riolunato
06 Passa ripassa
07 Inglesa bella inglesa
08 Polca antica
09 Polca antica
10 Canzone di Fanano
11 Varsegliè
12 Di nome battessata son Francesca
13 Di nome battessata son Francesca
14 La povera Giulia
15 Ballo dei gobbi
16 Suite 2/4
17 Mazurca – epilogo

2003 • Folk club Ethnosuoni ES5328



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Congratulations for the blog and for the good music.

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FeelGlass from milano

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ho tutti i dischi di Davide, grazie comunque

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Rapid share mi dice: The file could not be found. Please check the download link.

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Hey! Me gustaría tener el disco, es que yo lo compré cuando fui a Italia con el maestro Salomón, pero MI HERMANO NO ENCUENTRA EL DISCO Y YO LLEVO YA CASI UN AÑO SIN PODER ESCUCHARLO. Creo que el link está mal, POR FAVOR REVISENLO. GRACIAS!
saludos Fabio!