Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Pietra Montecorvino ::: Napoli Mediterranea

Produced by Eugennio Bennato, this Neopolitan singer offers a rich look at the music of Naples and the Mediteranean. Neither strictly folk nor overtly 'pop,' they skirt a lot of boundaries seeking a new context for the old musical styles
From the record label:
Music from Naples sounds familiar to ears all around the world as inmortalized by artists such as Caruso, Domenico Modugno or Elvis Presley. Eternal numbers as "Mare di Napoli" that traveled in the modest luggage of immigrants leaving thier city in search of better luck and lived for ever in their nostalgia; classic songs like "O Sole Mio" sounding out equally from jukeboxes and the most prestigious opera theatres has been it's best ambassadors.
The career of Italian singer Pietra Montecorvino has become itself an homage to this rich music tradition. And no better example than her latest release, "Napoli Mediterranea". With the help of prestigious producer Eugennio Bennato (who's Taranta Power project has took by storm European World Music charts), Montecorvino takes back Neapolitan music to it's origins and roots in search of the deepest essence of Mediterranean culture. Heavy rhythmic percussion, the seductive surrounding sound of the oud maiking us thinkin' of the close Neaples is from the North of Africa, the misterious beat of the chiarra batente (a percussive guitar) and, doubtless, in the main role, Pietra's voice. You probably have not heard many things similar to the voice of this singer. It's raw, it'sgruff, it's bewildering…it's great. A voice that seems to come from an early time in the age of the Mediterranean completely steeped of it's esential flavour

Pietra Montecorvino: vocals
Erasmo Petringa: laud, mandocello, cello, bass
Marcello Vitale: battente guitar
Emidio Petringa: percussion
Gianluca Brugnano: drums
Diego Imparato: electric bass
Martino De Cesare: guitar
Luca Gianquinto: guitar
Mbarka Bentaleb (Tunisia)
Zena Chabane (Mozambico)
Eleana Zeghinoglou (Grecia)
Abbes Boufrioua (Algeria)
Laura Klain (Francia)
Samir Toukour (Algeria)
Pasqualino Ruggiero (Italia).

01 Guaglione
02 O sole mio
03 Luna rossa
04 Comme facette mammeta
05 Va sta musica va
06 Palomma e notte
07 Dove sta Zazà
08 Mare di Napoli
09 ext. Mandulinata a Napule
10 Sole sole
11 Aspettanno
12 Ninna nanna 2002
13 Maruzzella
14 Oi vita mia
15 ext. O surdato 'nnamurato
16 Senza voce

RaiTrade-TarantaPower/Lucky Planet

Napoli Mediterranea


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Happy New Year

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Your music is unique.

Best wishes

Gus from Grecia

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Fantastic. Thank you again!

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she is great!!! wish we had more music from Napoli!
many thanks for sharing and best wishes for the New Year!:)

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What a voice, what a woman. Thank you very much said...

cuantas canciones de Carosone!!!

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grazie mille, molto interesanta. vorrei ascoltare anche <> (2009) ma purtroppo non trovo