Saturday, February 09, 2008

Enzo Avitabile ::: Sacro Sud

The voice & sax of the great Neapolitan artist meet the launeddas of Luigi Lai, and the hurdy-gurdy of Maurizio Martinotti, alongside with other unique instruments and chorus. An inner journey in search of the roots of spirituality, an imaginary travel from Nazareth to Naples, to lay emphasis on the evils and the pain of our cities, of the many “souths” of the world and of the suffering peoples

Enzo Avitabile: sopranino sax, clarello, drum
Luigi Lai: launeddas
Maurizio Martinotti: hurdy-gurdy
Mario De Rosa: mandocello
Giancarlo Abbatiello: Neapolitan guitar
Carlo Avitabile: snare drums
Cantori del Miserere di Sessa:
Domenico Cresce: prima vox
Giovanni Loffredo: seconda vox
Emilio Galletta: terza vox
Polifonica Alphonsiana:
Mario De Rosa: direction
Ornella Piscitelli: soprano
Pietro Rainieri: tenor
Francesca Adamo: contralto
Mario De Rosa: bass

01 A Peste
02 Maronna nera
03 Figliule ca 'nce jate a la Maronne
04 Rosario della Madonna delle Grazie
05 Devozioni dialettali
06 Faccia gialla
07 Sant'Efisio
08 Nuèna nuèna
09 Ouanno nascette Ninno
10 È nnato
11 Tropp'/Fermarono i cieli
12 Fuga in Egitto
13 Miserere di Sessa
14 Crucifixus
15 Stabat Mater

2006 • Folkclub Ethnosuoni ES 5358

Sacro Sud part 1
Sacro Sud part 2
password: highqualitymp3


Anonymous said...

do you have the italian group the Luf?

thank you

Anonymous said...

The 10th track of the album Sacro Sud isn't included in the archives; the other 14 were fine. Maybe because I experienced some trouble unpacking the archives, maybe not. Perhaps it's best to reupload.

Grazie x la musica!


Anonymous said...

Sorry, forgot to mention the name of the missing song: È nnato.


cianfulli said...

track ten is splitted between part1 and part2.
put those two archives in the same directory, decompress part 1 and part 2 will start decompressing by itself (or decompress both parts at once)

Anonymous said...

It worked, thanks!


Anonymous said...


I love your blog, very interesting and beautiful folk music around the world - that's what I like. But the link on this record doesn't work - unfortunnately. Is there any chance to reactivate it?
Do you know Folkmusic from Corse, thats my favourite Island with a lot of great musicians?

Thanks a lot for your blog