Friday, February 08, 2008

Totore Chessa ::: Organittos

Totore Chessa is today the most know and the most in demand two rows melodeon player in Sardinia, the most wanted for dances and feasts, the point of references for the younger players. Totore is, first of all, a master of technique: the perfect presentation of the melodies, the control of the bellows, the dexterity on the bass parts made him one of the most well respected virtuous of the instrument. Further on he is today the only one able to perform the different dances of the various parts of the region, with an energy and a rhythmic impact unparalleled.

Totore Chessa: two rows melodeon
Annamaria Puggioni: voice in "Costera" e "Barbagia"
Luigi Lai: launeddas in "Ballu Seriu"
Nicola Loi: jew's harp in "Organittos"

01 Baronia (ballu brincu)
02 Costera (danza)
03 Supramontes (ballu tundu)
04 Sonettes (pass'e trese)
05 Ballu Seriu (passu torrau)
06 Dilliriana (dillu)
07 Trieddas (campidenesu)
08 Barbagia (passu torrau)
09 Mandrolisai (ballu tundu)
10 Balentia (sa danza)
11 Organittos (danza / passu torrau)

1996 • NewTone Records NT6743

password: highqualitymp3


surcouf said...

It was in the early nineties, while on vacation in Sardinia we attended a popular fair with folk music and dances. Suddendly he started to play, accompaining the dancers: a powerful sound (helped by a good PA) and a subtle skill made me realize it was not the usual "fiddler in the row". That was Totore Chessa !
I will enjoy this one for sure. Thanks.

il piratone

Foodie said...

i tried downloading Totore Chessa ::: Organittos but the link is not active anymore. would it be possible to still download this album? thank you for making all this music available!

fi said...

brilliant website with a wide range of great italian music, thanks so much for sharing!!

greeting from hong kong