Thursday, February 07, 2008

Riccardo Tesi ::: Riccardo Tesi

One of the best known organetto (melodeon) players, enter the recording studio totally solo for the first time

Riccardo Tesi: melodeons

01 Tevakh
02 La marcia dei criceti
03 Brughiere
04 Turkese
05 Marock
06 Aria
07 Il Fulmine
08 Batticuore
09 Mazurka del nonno
10 Sestrina
11 Capelli neri
12 Processione
13 Moresca / Moresca nuziale
14 Penombre

2007 • Cinq Planètes CP 09381

Riccardo Tesi
password: highqualitymp3


Anonymous said...

Thank you for introducing me to Ricardo Tesi ! You've got a fantastic
blog ... I think his melodeon will folow me a long time .. he is world class ..

Miguel sfrp

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your nice blog...
but the link doesn't work...can you please give us a new link..

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Anonymous said...

Hello link is dead