Wednesday, February 06, 2008

La sedon salvadie ::: Faliscjes

Founded in 1982 La sedon salvadie has been the first band to play with a new spirit the traditional music of Friuli, a region where different ethnic minorities live together from many centuries. This is the top folk band in Friuli and one of the best ones in Italy

Paola Biasutti: voice
Gianni Brianese: bass, tuba
Andrea Del Favero: melodion, liron, percussion
Dario Marusic: violin, Istrian pipes, clarinet, cornamusa, voice
Marco Zoletto: guitar, mandola, voice
Paul Bradley: violino
Vittorio Vella: keyboards, voice
Giorgio Ioan: bass
Claudia Grimaz: speaking voice
Pierluigi Manca: voice

01 Vôs di tiere
02 Lausive la lune
03 Un rap di ue
04 Aghe aghe
05 La biele sompladine
06 Puer natus
07 Maledet Napoleon
08 La fontanuta
09 Cjare mari
10 Donna lombarda
11 Un cjant a la cjargnele
12 Parcè no muerial il fuc?

1993 • Folkest dischi DF13


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