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Sancto Ianne ::: Mò siente

Mo’ siente (listen up!) in Benevento dialect) is our new (third) cd, published in October 2006 by the Italian label Folkclub Ethnosuoni (one of the most important folk labels in our country)
The particular title of our album is an invitation to lend an ear to stories that don’t get told on the radio or on tv, stories of characters completely forgotten (anarchist revolutionaries and sunburnt farm workers,itinerant circus performers and desperate refugees…) or wonderful places such as the interior of Campania, where we live, absolutely unknown by the masses.
The band is deeply rooted in a particular place - Sancto Ianne (late latin for San Giovanni di Ceppaloni near Benevento) referring to our hometown in the inland territory between Rome and Naples known as the Sannio.
For us the dominance of Naples,and the common tendency to equate that city with the entire region of Campania,can be a sore spot….we insist on our own identity, apart from that of the regional capital.
Special guest of the album is the Palestinian Faisal Taher, enriching with his wonderful voice the song ”uocchie” that won the competition “Voci per la liberta’” in 2005, an Italian prestigious prize awarded by Amnesty International

Gianni Principe: voice, castnets
Alfonso Coviello: tammorre, tamburello, darbouka, percussion
Ciro Schettino: classic, acoustic and battente guitars, mandocello, whistle, recorders
Antonio Pasquariello: acoustic and electric guitars
Massimo Amoriello: bass
Sergio Napolitano: accordion, percussion
Raffaele Tiseo: violin
Faisal Taher: voice
Gianni Cusani: guitar
Antonio Pasquariello: electric guitar
Giuseppe Timbro: double bass
Carlo De Matola: flute

01 Pe’ la via
02 Un futuro a sud
03 ’A banda d’o matese
04 Nuje ca nun stammo vicino ’o mare
05 Uocchie
06 Port’arsa
07 Uno ’nponta ’a luna
08 Juorno ’e festa
09 Peppe ’o mago
10 Tarantella d’a fatica/N’ata botta

2006 • Folkclub Ethnosuoni ES5360

Mò siente

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