Saturday, March 01, 2008

Gai Saber :: Three Recordings (of four)

The group GAI SABER is born in the Occitan linguistic-cultural area, that is those Piedmontese valleys where the ancient Oc language is spoken. The name comes from an ancient poetic challenge between poets of the XIV century; words and music draw their inspiration from the very rich oral tradition and the rhythms of the Occitan dances. The project started with this aim in 1992 as Kalenda Maia. Since 1996 the name has become Gai Saber with the spirit of a continuous inspiration to the original Occitan music.
The group takes its first steps in the modern Occitan folk and folk-rock, moving slowly toward more experimental atmospheres. With their last works the group deeply conjugates the rhythms of the dance traditional Occitan music with electronic music, jungle and trip-hop atmospheres, but also mediterranean and Latin flavours.

Troubar R'Oc (1997)
Esprit de frontiera (1999)
Electroch'òc (2002)
• La fàbrica occitana (2006)


Anonymous said...

Hi cianfulli!

I can't believe that I've finally found those Gai Saber CD's! Unfortunately shareonall links are gone. Could you please re-upload it?

Thanks in advance!

Peter from Hungary

vespucci said...

Szia Peter,

here you go:

Gai Saber KM - Troubar R'Oc (1997):

Gai Saber - Esprit de frontiera (1999):

Gai Saber - Electro Ch'Oc (2002):

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