Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Lou Dalfin ::: Discography

Guided by hurdy-gurdy player Sergio Berardo, Lou Dalfin has been a leading group in the revival of traditional music since 1982. Thanks to them, Occitan music little by little has come out of the small circle of local situations, to become known by a wide and culturally composite audience. Since the 90's, the band has introduced guitars, keyboards and drums, which have modernized (sometimes too much...) their music. On stage the band, but in particular Sergio Berardo, is really a concentrate of energy and power!

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1982: En Franso i ero de Grando Guero
1984: L'Aze d'Alegre
1992: W Jan d' l'Eiretto
1995: Gibous, Bagase e Bandí
1997: Radio Occitania Libra (live with the Basque group Sustraia)
1998: Lo Viatge
2001: La Flor de lo Dalfin
2004: L’òste dal Diau
2007: I Virasolelhs


Anonymous said...

Quasi tutto cancellato, almeno su rapid

Ciaps said...

...purtroppo la "Grande Gomma" si è abbattuta velocemente sul mio post (24 ore più o meno...)...

davide said...

I primi due dischi sono proprio belli