Friday, April 04, 2008

Tribù italiche

Tribù Italiche

01 CD € 12,00
05 CD € 40,00
10 CD € 70,00
20 CD € 95,00

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juno106 said...

Thanks Danny,

This collection is a very good and simple way to understand the musical differences between the regions in Italy.
I personaly feel that it arrives in an important moment in your site.
When I realize the huge amount of music you gave us here, I can't help to think: how many traditional music records have been recorded in Italy?
Does anybody knows it?
And what represents in percentage the music here in IFM?
I curently listen to a lot of world music but to understand Italian folk music, your site is an absolute must.

Anonymous said...

thx, per il lavoro che fate. e la diffusione della cultura musicale, italiana.

by cristina.

Anonymous said...

sì, peccato che rapidshare mi dica che i files delle tribù italiche non si possono + scaricare, causa reclami, era troppo bello :-(

Anonymous said...

peccato che le tribù italiche non si possano + scaricare...:-(

Anonymous said...

Hey amigi qui non funsiona nulla.... perche? Hello, Billy.