Monday, July 21, 2008

Stefano Valla, Attilio Rocca & Ettore Losini ::: Tilion

It all started with the desire to honour the long-time interpreter of traditional music, Attilio Rocca, whose artistic continuity and coherence intertwine naturally with his intellectual honesty and renowned wisdom. A lot more could be said... but just let the music speack for itself and touch the hearts and minds of all those passionate listeners who include this CD in their collection.
The image on the cover comes to life in the first track, played on an accordion and two fifes. This is followed by an Alessandrina, Il Pover Luisin which is intended as a postcard from Milan - a vignette of Attilio's life when he stayed and worked there. Sestrina 1 is a voice and guitar scherzo that then evolves naturally into a classic fife and accordion piece. Valzer, Polka, and Monferrina take us through to the Valzer di Giafer, wíth two fifes. It s Attilio's voice, stirring the fire; that bridges this section, as the main role shifts from Stefano's to Musetta's performance.
Ali the tracks included in this section, apart from Valzer Piemontese, belong to a repertoire that is typical of the 'Four Provinces', and Musetta reinterpret it with their usual vigour, but with an extra special spice.
Particular thanks go to Marco Domenichetti for his invaluable live recording work, and for playing the recorder in the final waltz.
Gigi Lanzoni and his guitar become official members of the world of folk. And Maurizio Martinotti's presence testifies to his more than 20-year-long friendship with Musetta.
Pier Carlo Cardinali

Attilio Rocca "Tilion": accordíon
Ettore Losini `Bani": piffero, voice on A Ernesto
Stefano Valla: piffero, voice on Sestrina 1
Pier Carlo Cardinali: musa, piva, guitar, voice on Il Pover Luisin
Gigi Lanzoni: acoustic guitar
Maurizio Martinotti: hurdy-gurdy, Jew's harp
Marco Domenichetti: recorder

01 Polca 1.42
02 Alessandrina 2.14
03 Il pover Luisin 4.46
04 Valzer 3.52
05 Polca 2.18
06 Monferrina 1.59
07 Valzer di Giafer 3.44
08 Attilio fa fuoco 0.17
09 Polca 1.54
10 Mazurca 2.48
11 Polca 2.40
12 Valzer di Caserio 4.11
13 A Ernesto 2.49
14 Brunetto 4.05
15 Bata u pé 3.04
16 Valzer 1.57
17 Polca del Rosso 3.20
18 Valzer del vento 3.46
19 Mas-cin 3.25
20 Valzer 2.33
21 Pisolino 0.21

2004 • Folkclub Ethnosuoni ES5339

Tilion part 1
Tilion part 2

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