Saturday, September 27, 2008

Arco Alpino ::: Violons traditionnels des Alpes

Arco Alpino is not a group: it is an encounter, a table of seven violin players. First of all, it is an encounter of violin players that, from every part of the Alps, have reached "Terre d'Eveil" in order to record this disc that contains music from different Alpine traditions. But it is also another encounter: that of the violin with the plectrum instruments of Patrick Vaillant, with the Iranians percussions of Bijan Chemirami and with the voice of Manu Théron.

Isabelle Barthélémy, Sergio Caputo, Michel Favre, Gabriele Ferrero, Patrick Mazellier, Olivier Richaume, Giulio Venier: violins
Bijan Chemirani: percussions
Manu Théron: vocals
Patrick Vaillant: plectrum instruments and musical direction

01. Suite de Rigaudons
02. Marcha mai
03. Bal frances
04. Lo Bacubert
05. Resia
06. Carraira
07. Strange Balet
08. Joute de Rigaudons
09. La Camaigra
10. Lei Penitents
11. Rigaudon Testard
12. Valserino
13. Serenadas
14. Correnta finta
15. Loi Bella
16. Bosolù
17. Strange Balet

2001 • Modal MPJ111023 (MP3@128 kbps, no cover)

Violons traditionnels des Alpes


Caravaggio said...

Thanks yet again Danny.
Some excellent music.
Off on my travels again....south america here i come!!!

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