Saturday, October 04, 2008

Cantodiscanto ::: Malmediterraneo

courtesy of kramden at SFRP-CJW
a fine Italian ensemble whose musical vision, while sharply focused on their homeland, also takes in cultures from other Mediterranean lands. They have performed all over Europe, including festivals in Germany, Belgium and Portugal

Roberto Bartoli – double-bass
Paolo Caruso – percussions
Guglielmo Pagnozzi – wind instruments
Guido Sodo – guitars, vocals
Silvia Testoni – vocals
featuring :
Gabin Dabire – vocals
Faisal Taher – vocals
Felice Del Gaudio – double-bass
Lao Kouyaté – kora
Carlo Loiodice – accordion
Massimo Zanotti – trombone
Corrado Carnevali – viola
Federico Ferri – cello
Paolo Mora – violin
Alessandra Talamo – violin
Paolo Quilichini – arrangements for the string quartet

01. Malmediterraneo (G. Sodo)
02. I’ te cunzolo (S. Tarallo / G. Sodo)
03. Bandera (G. Dabire / G. Sodo / S. Tarallo)
04. A chi vò ’sta guerra (G. Sodo / F. Taher)
05. Tu m’ he lassato (G. Sodo)
06. 4 giorni 1 storia (S. Tarallo / G. Sodo)
07. Figlia d’a luna (G. Sodo / F. Del Gaudio / P. Quilichini)
08. Ma ch’ ê fari (P. Caruso)
09. Faisal (G. Sodo / F. Taher)
10. Hamama (trad.)
11. Scuorno (G. Sodo)
12. Dint’ e for a (S. Tarallo / G. Sodo)

2003 • Forrest Hill

mp3 (LAME) files @ 320kbs (not many graphics beyond the covers, sorry to say...but the lyrics are included as Word documents)



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mwasila said...

grazie per tutta questa musica meravigliosa!

Anonymous said...

Thank you very, very, very much Cianfulli. The best music I listened to the Italian group.
My one request would be.
Do you have albums you can recommend? Similar cantodiscanto
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