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Nuova Campagnia di Canto Popolare (NCCP) ::: La voce del grano

courtesy of kramden at SFRP-CJW who wrote:
These folks are absolutely one of my favorite Italian bands. They’ve gone through changes, phases and stages over the years, with members coming and going and returning, but the recordings I’ve heard have been consistent in the quality of their songwriting, vision and musicianship. As far as I know, this is their newest recording – the date on the digipack is 2004, but I’ve also seen 2001 attached to this title. Some of their earlier recordings – as well as some albums by individual members – are available on Cianfulli’s great Italian Folk Music blog. NCCP’s catalogue stands, in my humble opinion, as one of the pillars of modern Italian roots music – augmented by socially- and politically-conscious lyrics and themes.

Fausta Vetere – voice
Corrado Sfogli – guitar, battente guitar, bouzouki
Gino Evangelista – scanalature, wind instruments
Gianni Lamagna – voice
Michele Signore – violin, Pontiac lira , mondocello, laud, portative organ
Pasquale Ziccardi – bass, acoustic guitar
Carmine Bruno – percussion
Marcello Colasurdo – voice
Daniele Sepe – sopranino sax, whistle
Roberto Zincone – drums
Cristina Vetrone – acordion
Marco Sfogli – acoustic guitar, mandolin
Mimmo Ciaramella – drums
Giacomo Pedicino – double bass

all music composed by Corrado Stogli / Michele Signore / Pasquale Ziccardi
lyrics by Corrado Stogli / Pasquale Ziccardi
artistic direction Fausta Vetere / Corrado Stogli

01. La strade del mare sopra il deserto
02. Accussi
03. La voce del grano
04. Gli occhi di Salgado
05. ’O viento
06. Lontano d ate
07. Il carro e la luna
08. Stann’ arrivanno
09. Il cammino
10. Chi è devoto
11. Parole perdute
12. Lanterna magica

2004 • Forrest Hill

mp3 (LAME) files @ 320kbs

La voce del grano


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good job!
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Anonymous said...

I love this group so much! I wish they would make many more albums.