Monday, October 27, 2008

Rudi Bučar ::: Kambiament

Courtesy of balcanophitecus at World Music
Born in 1978 in Koper has cultivated a great love for music and has had an innate gift for singing since his early childhood. His experiences have grown in various choirs as MEPZ Obala – one of the most prestigious Slovenian and international choirs in which he performed also as a soloist. As an extremely creative teenager, he united his talent and emotional power in the group Spirits which in 1998 released the first (and the only) record Zemljin krik (The Earth's Scream). Rudi's immense talent and ability to adapt his voice to any musical style has drawn the attention of many diverse artists. Rudi had been collaborating in the studio and on stage with numerous Slovenian artists: Sounds of Slovenia, Zdenko Cotic, Danilo Kocjancic, Drago Mislej Mef, Tinkara Kovac, Jan Plestenjak, Slavko Ivancic, Šank Rock, Zablujena Generacija, Avtomobili, Zmelkoow, Alenka Godec and many others until he met the prominent researcher of the Istrian popular traditions Luciano Kleva. With a dictaphone in his hand he visited several Istrian villages exploring the Istrian musical tradition. He later reshaped the recorded songs in his own way and released his first solo album Kapot (meaning Coat, December 2003). Kapot is a joint of melodies and lyrics of the Istrian-Venetian origins, which with Rudi's true passion, artistic fantasy and vocal interpretation touches and fascinates each of us. After all, the album has already been reissued twice, which is, specially for folk music in Slovenia, considered to be a great success. Besides, in the late 90's he was awarded Gallus prize for his musical activity, he took part in various outstanding theatrical projects of the Slovenian Theatre in Triest, in theatrical performances directed by Katja Pegan and in several national celebrations and anniversaries. After studying for two years at the Koper School of Music he is now attending the Music Conservatory »Giuseppe Tartini« in Triest. His great wish to make a deeper research of Istrian traditions led him to his new creation- the album Kambiament in 2007

01 - Jintro(dukcija)
02 - Storu si je lepi vrt
03 - Dajte, dajte
04 - Morosa
05 - (J)one dvi narance
06 - L´anello che ti ho dato
07 - Dove tu vai Luigi
08 - Na samanj
09 - Starinski ples
10 - Teresina/Ciola Bepi
11 - Canto de strada
12 - 3x7
13 - Cara mama (djegerz mud)
14 - Uelke

2007 • Dallas 426


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