Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Filippo Gambetta ::: Stria

I first met Filippo when he was still a child. Armed with various flutes and percussion instruments he took part in an improvisation session at the house of his father, the great guitarist and friend, Beppe Gambetta. Several years later he came to see me to let me hear the results of his first  experiments with melodeon. My initial impression of him was confirmed: this kid had talent to spare. That was a while ago now. Filippo has had time to grow and develop and I must say that I wasn't wrong. He's become a great instrumentalist, a musician who, though he's still quite young, shows astonishing maturity both as a player and as a composer.
His music is richly textured and highly original, full of surprises well played and well arranged. What strikes me most about Filippo is the naturalness of his playing, his fluid phrasing, but I think his best quality is the way he puts his considerable technique at the service of the emotion he wants to express, which is the sign of a great musician.
The new millennium has opened in the best possible way for the melodeon. The future of the instrument is assured and I suspect it will be a rosy one.
Riccardo Tesi

Filippo Gambetta: melodeon
Mariana Carli: cello
Francesco Denini: violin
Claudio de Angeli: acoustic guitar
Corrado Giacomel: violin
Federico Foglia: snare drum
Edmondo Romano: musette
Federico Bagnasco: double bass
Stefano Rolli: hurdy-gurdy
Orchestra Regionale Ligure di strumenti a pizzico directed by Carlo Aonzo

01 Gnicche gnicche 5.36
02 Quattro salti/Gankino horo 7.03
03 Margherita/Bourrée 5.34
04 O baccan 7.45
05 Prologue 00.32
06 Adele blanc-sec/Mazurka à rigal 4.47
07 Stephanie 4.43
08 Intro per un andró/An-dro vai? 3.35
09 Scottish à Virmoux 4.26
10 The long view 5.17

2000 • Felmay fy8026



yek said...

password - i was searching for more and more music, especially folk songs of the world and just downloaded this album. Can anyone tell me the password for this rar-file? is it written somewhere, can't i see?

Leo Rugero said...

i´m trying download the archive but it is encrypted.

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Thanks for sharing, but this file needs a password



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Password per favoure?

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wee, thx, to much. what password?? rar??

by kieppakanna.

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oblomovo said... doesn't work, or, at least there is an error when unzipping the file.

CrimsonKing said...

Hi Cianfulli.
Excellent album. Thank you!

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Look, the password is not highqualitymp3 as usually on this site,

its with a dot: