Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Stefano Valla & Franco Guglielmetti ::: Traditions of the oboe/Traditions du piffero

Courtesy of miguel at SFRP forum - Classic, Jazz, World 

Maybe the best known young piffero players, accompanied bythe then Suonatori delle quattro province mate, Franco guglielmetti on accordion

Stefano Valla: piffero, voice
Franco Guglielmetti: accordion

01 Cache cache [alessandrina]
02 Mazurka di Claudio
03 Valzer triste
04 Stranot di Paolino/Sestrina
05 I disertori
06 Polka di Mario
07 Dormi-dormi [Ninna nanna di Natale]
08 Valzer di Nani
09 Mazurka da strada
10 Piana * 2/Piana 3
11 Valzer da strada
12 Ciciotta [polka]
13 Alessandrina di Ernesto
14 Monferrina
15 Piana 1
16 Mazurka di Ivano
17 Monachella [stranot]
18 Giga 2
19 Alessandrina di Giam Paolo
20 Alessandrina di Marco
21 Bella nova [stranot]
22 Perigurdino
23 Povera donna
24 Francesina [polka]

1994 • Silex Y225219

Traditions du piffero


Folk Fan said...

Great blog, great posts but this link is not working.
Kepp up that good work!

Nikitas said...

Hi, great music. Thanks a lot.

PS. The link is working OK, high-speed too. I'm just downloading it.