Saturday, November 01, 2008

I Giorni cantati ::: Va va varòl

“a cappella” group playing traditional work songs from Cremona
Trough folk song it is possible to retrace our own history. However, we are not talking about the officiai written version of it, but the oral one that is handed down from father to son. Folk songs represent another way to transmit our history. In this way, history becomes a tale and the voice of the main characters come back to life every time songs performed. This is a sort of evocative miracle.
At the end of the 19th,century, the daily life of ordinary people was characterized by extreme poverty, inhuman working conditions and a high degree of illiteracy
In this context, the first Trade Unions developed as well as strikes associated with powerful claims. The necessity to survive also took millions of Italians to look for a better future abroad. This started the period of "big migration".
The entreprerieurial bourgeoisie provoked tbc First World War in order to delimit the conquests of working class and to reinforce their own power. In this dramatic context, love has become the only feeling that could lead to hope and trust in happier tomorrow. Love has given the strength to overcame all these difficult situations

Maria Teresa Ariazzi
Bruno Fontanella
Ilic Rebizzi
Leardo Taraschi
Enrico Tavoni
Fabio Turchetti: all instruments

01 Va va varol (1' 38'')
02 Lavura cuntadin (0' 59'')
03 Ma va la ti cuntadin (0' 51'')
04 To to al pagaia (1' 06'')
05 Gli scariolanti (1' 49'')
06 Bella ciao (delle mondine) (3' 19'')
07 Son cieco e mi vedete (1' 38'')
08 Mamma mia dammi cento lire (2' 30'')
09 il tragico naufragio della nave Sirio (1' 58'')
10 trenta giorni di nave a vapore (3' 26'')
11 addio padre e madre addio (4' 12'')
12 fuoco e mitragliatrici (1' 38'')
13 Gorizia (3' 23'')
14 La campagnola (2' 59'')
15 Donna lombarda (2' 03'')
16 Lauretta l’è bella (2' 54'')
17 Peppino entra in camera (3' 10'')

2006 • CPC0506

Va va varòl


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