Sunday, November 02, 2008

Khaossia ::: De migratione

Five classical musicians from Salento join force with Fabio Turchetti from Cremona and deliver this hommage to XVIII century Salentinian composer Ignatius Jerusalem 

Viviana Calabrese: voice, frame drums
Luca Congedo: Rinascimental, Baroc and modern recorders
Pietro Triolo: voice, drums, pipes
Fabio Turchetti: laud, 9-string guitar, harmonium)
Christian Guidetti: voice, frame drums, guitar
Luciana Elizondo: viola da gamba

01 Pizzica originaria in La minore
02 Fior di tutti i fiori
03 Aria - Ignatius Jerusalem (1707-1769)
04 Sutt'acqua e sutta ientu
05 Tarantella del '600 - Il Guarracino
06 Tarantella alla Sannicandrese
07 Aria - Leonardo Leo (1694 - 1745)
08 Lu Rusciu te lu Mare
09 Damme nu Ricciu
10 Quant'ave
11 Coplas/Estribillo - I. Jerusalem
12 Tarantella del Gargano
13 Lu sule calau calau
14 Lu tambureddhu miu
15 Tre donne belle

2006 • Conzorzio produttori cremonesi CPC 0706

De migratione
password: highqualitymp3


Anonymous said...

scusate, ma mo son gia piu di un file ch mettte senza pass.

va be torno nel mulo. by kieppakannas

Anonymous said...

Per chi a scaricato il file, ecco la passwd.



by kieppa.

clyde said...

Hi, the file needs password.

Anonymous said...

I am asked again for a pas. still doen't work for this one or "va va varol"...

Anonymous said...

I have re-downloaded both files, tried highqualitymp3,, it just doesn't work...

Anonymous said...

The pass worked, but the mp3 files aren't there, only empty folders (while the rar file has the size it should have: 86mb or so). Could this be fixed? Thanks!


cianfulli said...

I checked it again and it worked well
all the best

Anonymous said...

After trying three different expander applications I finally managed to expand the rar file. Sorry for bothering you.


Anonymous said...

Greetings from NYC! I tried to download this album, put in the correct password (highqualitymp3) and got the following error message:

The structure of the archive is damaged (Error #17540)

Thank you for all the great music you've posted. I've discovered so many beautiful things, and learned so much about Italian music. I have grown very fond of the Occitan/Piedmonte styles. Mille Grazie!!!
---EeeGee in NYC

Zoe said...

Congratulations for the quality of the blog.
Thanks and best wishes for a good New Year from Athens, Greece.