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Lou Quinse ::: Lou Quinse

It literally means “The Fifteen” in the Frencoprovençal dialect, the ancient tongue spoken in parts of the Piedmontese valleys (lower Susa Valley, Lanzo Valleys, Orco and Soana Valleys) and in Aosta Valley, and also in French Savoy and in French-speaking Switzerland. The meaning of the name does not stop there. The Fifteen is also the number of the Devil in the tarot cards (its is the fifteenth card) and with this name the Devil is known and called in the French-provençal and Occitan valleys. 
But Lou Quinse perfectly describes the kind of music played by the band: “devilish” heavy metal, which has always been followed by accusations of being satanic, meets a tradition which has never suffered dogma and impositions Music coming from the earth is therefore saved from oblivion by renovation, actualization, without losing its own proud roots. Occitan and French-provençal tunes find new life in the marriage, by some thought to be blasphemous, of traditional instruments (hurdy-gurdy, diatonic accordion, flutes), harmonious and melodic, with the distorted and destructive energy typical of metal, where guitars, bass and drums create a sonic wall able to receive a painting of traditional songs.
Thus, boureias, rigaudons and farandole, with their light-hearted and funny lyrics, which can also become melancholic and thoughtful, meet the darkness of black metal, the power of death metal and the speed of thrash metal in an organic musical experience which has very few, if any, precedents.
Lou Quinse was born in 2006 in Barmes (Balme), a small town in Val d’Ala, when Furio Sguayzer and Daniele Quaranta are asked to take part in the locally well-known folk festival “Barmes Folk” with their band Heretica, readapting traditional music to their style. The two friends soon realize that this cross-over was a sure win and that it would have been a pity to limit this experience to a band which, naturally, would have soon had to return to its original music. They are therefore helped by Simone Cottura and by Abnorma, and they decide to form a new band. Lou Quinse is born.
Furio (semitoun – diatonic accordion), student to Dino Tron, accordion player of the most famous Occitan band (Lou Dalfin), Daniele (vos et brams – vocals and growls) and Simone (baterìa - drums) are integrated with Francesco Cavallero (chitara elétrica – electric guitar), from Vespero, immediately followed by Domenico Santoro (bass - bass).
This first line-up allows Lou Quinse to host their first live gig during one of Vespero’s and Heretica’s. During stage swap the present two songs. The line up is then soon further integrated by Luca Braga from Vespero (flàuts - flutes) and Ivan di Vincenzo from Kynesis (chitara elétrica – electric guitar).
The time is right to present the innovative and traditional music to the public and the band participates in numerous events including High Voltage Fest, DIY Fest and Blood Fest in Turin, and also hosting concerts in Cafasse, Aosta and Busto Arsizio, reaching semi finals in one of Italy’s most notorious underground competitions, Rock on Circle.
In the meantime the line up is completed by the talented hurdy-gurdy player Alexander Parise (vioulo – hurdy-gurdy) from Trigomigo, student to the master of hurdy-gurdy playing Sergio Berardo (Lou Dalfin), which brought the melodic tune and rhythmic growl of his hurdy-gurdy

Daniele Quaranta: vocals, grim, growl and percussions
Furio Sguayzer: accordeon and electric guitar
Alexander Parise: hurdy-gurdy
Luca Braga: flutes and bass
Francesco Cavallero: electric guitar
Ivan Di Vincenzo: electric guitar and flutes
Domenico Santoro: bass and percussions
Simone Cottura: drums

01 Seguida Pour passar lou Rhône (Dança, Trad. Provençal)/Laou (Rigaudon, D. Tron)
02 Para lo lop (Boreia, Trad. Pyrenèes)
03 Calant de Villafranca (Farandola, Trad. Niça)
04 Ai vist lo lop (la lèbre et lo rainard dançar) (Boreia, Trad. Lemozin)
05 Seguida de boreias à tres temps Lo parpalhol (Boreia 3T. Trad. Auvernha)/Lo seriol (Boreia 3T. S. Berardo, Valle Stura)/Per ben la dançar (Boreia 3T. Trad. Lemozin)

2006 - selfproduction

Lou Quinse
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