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Tenores Di Bitti Remunnu E' Locu ::: Romanzesu

Courtesy of Miguel at SFRP forum - Classic, Jazz, World 
Sardinia has a traditional inheritance among richest and alive of the western world. The Sardinians in particular developed a broad repertory of the human voice which reveals a major and old knowledge musical structures of the polyphony. The song has tenores is a particular type of this repertory, that l' one finds only in Barbagia-Baronìa, in the north-eastern center of l' island. In this mountainous region, the songs are in the middle of the village Community life, which finds its expression sharp in the festivals, qu' they are laic or nuns. They are polyphonies has cappella, in vernacular language (still near to Latin), obligatorily practised with four votes. The melody is entonnée by the soloist, his oche (the voice), which sings the poem or improvises. L' intervention of the three other voices (its mesu oche, its countered and known bassu, c' be-with-to say the voice acute, of baritone and basic) occurs during the development of the topic; they generally sing on only one note of which they vary colourings by l' use of syllables such as, for example, bim, bam, boom. The technique of the song of throat and that of the held sounds reveal the so captivating sound phenomenon song has tenores: the spectrum of the harmonics. One also recognizes, in these voices, the imitations of the cries d' animals which are specific to the pastoral world. Tenores sing in circle. Sometimes, during the festival, they give each other the arm and start to dance. Being held tight, rigid, they turn to small given rhythm steps. The public widens the circle then and enters the ball. This habit is represented on a vase of civilization d' Ozieri gone back to 3' 000 years front J. - C., and which testifies of its antiquated origin. 8translated from French by Babelfish)

Daniele Cossellu: boche e mesa'oche
Tancredi Tucconi: contra
Salvatore Bandinu: bassu
Piero Sanna: boche e mesa'oche

01. Cantu A Ballu Seriu - Su Bandu Universale - 03:41
02. Cantu A Isterritas - Sos Avaros - 06:42
03. Mutos - 04:22
04. Ballu A Passu Torratu - 05:34
05. S'Andira Antica - 05:14
06. S'Andira De Como - 03:58
07. Ballu Lestru - 04:23
08. Su Nenneddu - 02:39
09. Andelus Cantade A Su Vitzu De Maria - 04:33
10. Cantu A Boche Note - S'Incontru Fortunadu - 07:01

1993 • Amori AM 002, Losanna (Svizzera - Suisse)
VBR V1 mp3, booklet scans


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