Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Briganti di terra d'Otranto ::: La gola de lu riu

Briganti Di Terra D'Otranto are a band from Salento including refined interpreters and composers, representing the perfect synthesis between PIZZICA, TARANTA, GRIKO's melody, popular tradition and modern author music. A stunning repertoire (traditional and own music), catchy arrangements, a long care in the rendering of Salento's moods, a great load of energy and a powerful sound on stage, their expressive ability and their dedication during the performances have given the opportunity to BRIGANTI DI TERRA D'OTRANTO to take part to numerous festivals in Italy and abroad, with an overwhelming response from public and critics alike. The name BRIGANTI indicates the condition of someone that rises against globalization of music market and media, committing himself to preserve his own identity from colonization and cultural erosion of musical tradition. Two tambourines in the rhythm section, three lead singers, violin and flute as main instruments: BRIGANTI DI TERRA D'OTRANTO manage to merge different sounds and rhythms like a painter mixes his colours. The energetic pulse of TARANTA springs out from the obsessive vortex of tambourine, while the sweetness of their melodies enhances the culture of a people that sings of love as the Greek ideal of contemplation and utmost beauty 

Tonino Frioli: vocals, bass guitar, percussion
Giovanni Sperti: vocals, twelve-string guitar
Antonella Esposito: vocals, castanets
Amedeo De Netto: drums
Antonio Creti: drums
Chiara Marangio: flute, piccolo
Cristian: violin

01 Pizzica di Aradeo
02 Cumma Maria
03 Lu pulice
04 Na rosa
05 Rondinella
06 La gola de lu riu
07 Pizzica di san Vito
08 Agapimu fidela protini
09 Si picculina
10 Quandu lu sule se 'nfaccia a mare
11 Serenata

2006 • Maffucci Music MM062

La gola de lu riu

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