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Tandarandan ::: Épata, la musica delle stagioni

This is a very folksy disc from this Northern Italian octet. With twelve songs, one for each month of the year, each time of the year (feasts, harvests) is represented by a traditional song. One semi-exception, March's entry, is a first-rate Maurizio Cavalli composition about Guido Pietro Gherardi, a quarryman in marble, who led a famous 1894 demonstration against the government. The demonstration was attacked by the army and our poor quarryman died in prison, but is remembered in this prog-folk hymn to freedom. That song is probably the closest nod to the current era on the disc. By contrast, on "L'Orazione del prole pia," a nice mix of traditional instruments and lovely harmonies tells an ancient story. May's entry includes a May Day March, a hymn to work or "Inno del Lavoro," and sounds like a village brass band marching down the main street. 
There is also variety. "La Bella" is a minor-key ballad of Tuscan origin, featuring fine female vocals, nice percussion and violin. "Moresca" has some lively percussion and organetto. Another, similar organetto-based song is "La pesca dell'anello."
Other sounds are on offer, as well. "Polca dell orbo ­ Scott del Bricca ­ Marcia di Viggion," the entry for September, starts as something akin to a French Canadian reel, and perhaps owes a bit to early La Bottine Souriante. "Pifferata di Don Bellentani" harkens to a Bach fugue, with Marco Montanelli's church organ paying homage to a 19th century musician.
At times Tandarandan is trying to re-create an older sound, at times they create something new. It's a nice mix and a very likeable, somewhat quirky collection that rewards repeated listening. The notes are colorful and the music well-explained in Italian and English, but no lyrics to the songs
David Cox • Rootsworld

Maurizio Cavalli - guitar, vocals
Marco Guidi - percussion
Stefania Gussoni - clarinet, bass clarinet, vocals
Roberto Fatticcioni - bass
Mauro Manicardi - bagpipes, accordion, vocals
Roberto Mazzi - hurdy-gurdy, voice
Elisabetta Piastri - flute, sopranino, soprano, alto, voice
David Virgilio - violin, piano, vocals
Jacopo Bisagni: piva dal carner in "Piva of Bugelli"
Fabrizio Pilu: violin on "Polca orbit" and "Scott Bricca" purple "Moorish"
Marco Montanelli: organ of the Church of St. Nicholas Caprigliola (Ms) in "Don Pifferata Bellentani"
Choir of the Friends of Fravizzola (Nanni Barbero, Livio Bernardini, Giampietro Lupi, Egildo Simeon) in "May of Biassa"

01 La Pefana di Nicola 3:25
02 Marcetta di Groppo / Sata Martin 5:33
03 Pietro Gherardi il cavatore 3:03
04 L'orazione del prole Pia 4:37
05 Il Maggio di Biassa / Inno del Lavoro 4:43
06 La bella 4:59
07 Moresca 3:00
08 La pesca dell'anello 3:57
09 Polca dell'Orbo / Scott del Bricca / Marcia di "Viggion" 5:06
10 Pifferata di Don Bellentani 4:33
11 Santa Caterina 4:03
12 Pastorella / Piva di Bugelli 5:29

2005 • Folkclub Ethnosuoni ES 5346


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