Thursday, December 03, 2009

Zimbaria ::: Live

The overwhelming rhythm of tambourine and the vocal and instrumental evolution of TARANTA/PIZZICA from Salento have their maximum inspiration source and expression in this extraordinary group, founded by the legendary Pino Zimba, whose tambourine and voice will be one of the icons of Salento forever. Acclaimed at every national and international ethno/folk music events for the disruptive force of their pizzica with a rock band style, ZIMBARIA get across, even to the most convinced rockers, via the tambourines rhythm a tremendously catchy enthusiasm, regular, hypnotic, at the same time frantic, that always manages to produce a strongly engaging rhythmic and sound environment

Pino Zimba: tamburello, rattles, vocals
Simone Longo: tamburello, vocals
Carmelo Ottobre: accordion
Rossano Ruggeri: chitarrino (tres)
Salvatore Salentino: violin
Cristine Santagada: vocals
Gabriella Marciano: guitar, vocals

01 Smarrimento
02 Sciuparieddru
03 Pizzicarella
04 Lu rusciu de lu mare
05 Pizzica de focu
06 Aria caddrhipulina
07 De sira
08 Stornelli
09 Kalinifta
10 Sale



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Brian said...

Ciao Cianfulli,

Thank you for all of the great folk music on your site. It's been an invaluable resource of sound and culture for me.

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