Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Enrico Negro ::: Rosso rubino

A sound classical training and long-standing activity in folk music are the basic elements of this refined Piedmontese guitar player. Compagnons Roulants, Tendachënt, Dòna Bèla are just some of the musical projects where the sound of his guitar isevident. For his solo debut, Negro gathered round him several friends including Maurizio Martinotti and Paola Lombardo, to bring his vision into reality. This artist will remind some listeners of John Renbourn's "Sir John Alot..." period recordings, with its elegant, neo-Renaissance air and superb virtuosity on the guitar. If there is to be an Italian equivalent, Negro is certainly the likely candidate

Enrico Negro: acoustic, classical and zils guitar, voice
Bruno Raiteri: Hammond keyboard /violin
Flavio Giacchero: alto sax
Gerardo Savone: bass guitar
Gianpiero Malfatto: trombone, tuba
Gigi Biolcati: drums, cajon, percussion
Las Trobairitz d'Oc (Paola Lombardo, Valeria Benigni): vocals
Maurizio Martinotti: hurdy-gurdy, Jew's harp, vocals
Paola Lombardo: vocals
Trio chitarristico A. Vivaldi (Mario Cosco, Enrico Negro, Ignazio Viola): classical guitars

01. Pymontoise - Rosso Rubino - Lo Pastorel 5:26
02. Il Mondo alla Finestra – Napel 3:08
03. La Fija D'Un Paisan - Aria Del Cit Infan 5:33
04. Vecchio Piemonte 5:22
05. Cuoricino 5:14
06. A L'Age De Quatorz An - Stella D'Oriente - Piccolii Passi 5:48
07. Rat Muscià 5:22
08. Moodish – Picante 4:13
09. Donna Lombarda - Monferrina Barocca 3:38
10. Autunno Pedemontano 5:44
11. Bundi Bunjur - Aria Del Sambur 4:14

2005 • Folkclub Ethnosuoni ES 5344

Rosso rubino


Anonymous said...

this is a wonderful album, many thanks. Some of it reminds me of Renbourn - oh you said that alread :-)- other parts something else completely. I hope there's more by this guy that I can buy somewhere?

cianfulli said...

search this same blog and you'll find at least six or seven albums Enrico is playing on
you can also take a look here