Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Viamedina ::: Viamedina

Via Medina is a street of Naples by the Port, a sort of borderline between the city and the sea, a meeting-point of different cultures and people. Once, in the nearby alleys there were a few nightclubs where tangos and tarantellas, blues and Tammurriate, jazz and popular Neapolitan songs were played and mixed together. Now that the clubs are gone, Viamedina gets a new life in this interesting musical project that, starting from the dialect, the melodies and the instruments of the Neapolitan tradition, takes different roads in order to put a new lymph in an already rich heritage of ancient memories

Lino Davide: vocals, guitar, battente guitar, oud, bouzouki
Barbara Radi: vocals
Biagio Orfitelli: double bass, electric bass
Vittorio Cataldi: accordion, violin
Sasà Federici: tammorre, congas, bata, djembe, darbuka, cymbals
Gabriele Pastore: tambourine, bongos, bata

01 Alla festa 4:27
02 Facite trasì o sole 4:12
03 Stu mare 3:42
04 Acqua 4:46
05 Pe' nu munn' cu tanta munne 4:47
06 Gente 'e nisciuno 4:37
07 Chicchirichicchicchì 4:48
08 O ' vient passa e se ne va 4:13
09 Simme li povere 5:25
10 Quann' scenne lu sole 7:52

2003 • Folkclub Ethnosuoni ES 5353


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