Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Esprit follet ::: Où vont les vieilles lunes

Kicking off an accordion album with "Sous le Ciel de Paris" would seem like either an exercise in post modern irony or a display of total lack of imagination. When Esprit Follet does it, however, they give the Paris metro staple a spaciousness and generosity of spirit that immediately makes it your new old favorite song. Indeed this whole album of Franco-Italian music flows weightlessly on the vibration of a reed, or in this case, multiple reeds. Rinaldo Doro plays accordion and Sonia Cestonaro oboe and the two of them have a complex orchestral sound that plays on the pliability of both instruments. Just when you think that you're getting tired of all that reediness, they throw in a touch of mellotron, piano, some percussion (courtesy of Giorgio Negro) or guitar (ditto Maurizio Verna). They're elegant and romantic with a waltz ("Annalù"), driving and jazzy on a rigaudon ("Rigodons"), and retro-cool on a 60's cinema homage ("Dérapage"). My only beef is that sometimes the changes in style and mood can be too abrupt. A little more flow to the track order would make this a less whiplash-inducing listen. A minor complaint in view of such a trove of riches. Just listen to the delicately crafted "Omaggio a Fiorenzo Carpi: le musiche di Pinocchio." This four-part suite was inspired by a classic Italian television version of the ageless Collodi story. It uses every timbre the four musicians have at their disposal to create something evocative and tremendously listenable, as is the whole album
Peggy Latkovich • RootsWorld

Rinaldo Doro: melodeons, accordion
Sonia Cestonaro: oboe, piano, gralla, ciaramella, tarota, zufoli, ocarina.
Giorgio Negro: mellotron, percussion
Maurizio Verna: guitars

01 Sous le ciel de Paris
02 Pirineus
03 Mazurca 'd Doru/Mazurca dao piën d'alàs
04 Rigodons
05 Annalù
06 Ël mach/La viënda/Ël mortrëtt
07 Circo invisibile
08 Paquìn
09 Rêve/Ritha mazurcha/Pera uissa
10 Dérapage
11 Trop pensè/Storia cita
12 Vieilles lunes
13 Scottish del Gal very/Polca di Anita
14 Omaggio a Fiorenzo Carpi. Le musiche di "Pinocchio": Geppetto: con malinconia/Lucignolo/Viaggio in groppa al tonno/Sogni nell'orto dei miracoli

2007 • Folkclub Ethnosuoni ES 5369

Où vont les vieilles lunes

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