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Teresa De Sio ::: Sacco e fuoco

The article strikes me more than anything. Sale close a wound, deepens into a vortex of the soul that knows rust, salt and sun. Scratches and faults, rears up and falls as the movement of hands on a tamorra, but then sat in an open bay hot and dark in the heart of a lullaby. Short is Teresa De Sio. When the voice is soul that is transformed back into speech in a series of references that astounding and confusing. E 'shamanic magic that branches off from singing, tinkling from the strings of the mandolin played by Don Peppino De Tritium, which flows across the strings of guitar and percussion on the leather stretched. "Sacco and fire" is programmatic: the story of an assault in music at the heart of our passions. Album quickly and easily. Culminating as part: with a burst of pride.
"Border Brigades"A repechage from"A free search"In 1995, encouraged by the outcome convincing concert seems invented for the Brigades Lolli: "But look still exists / still insist / I dress, undress me, / success, resist. "And later:" We're still here / who survived a barrage / to count one by one / to tell us of a future. / We are firemen and sailors / tire shops and bakeries are / we are singers, flute and violin / We have ladders and hammers / brushes sails and we / we have a compass, wind and flag / / We brigades of border / frontier that have not ever seen .But all the hard beats and beat well on these issues. The initial "Sacco and fire, Preceded by a brief intro "Death and Zi Frangilli"Charles of Anjou, the next"I would not fear". From"A daughter or rre"Until"Vulesse addEvent"An album of angry dignity, shook heads to say no, waste and rebellions.
"Teresa thanked (it is said inside the cover) Who does not fear the robbers and robber of all ages, disobedience is a meter to measure the world, the intelligence that will save the land of idiots, but loaded with blanks, the females who want to live and love free as fish in the sea and then end up in fried tielluzza. Those who stay and resist the beautiful city of Naples and miserable, the states are difficult to maintain grace, poetry and lascienza who know nothing of each other, but both can tell us things about the night sky. Who still has a compass, a wind and a flag. Who does not want to keep master. The young musicians out of work. Popular music. And finally, the power of passion, the only battle that we can not lose. " And we thank her for every line written here above, for every word sung in this song and inexhaustible desire not to fall into line.
In short, if Teresa Batista was tired of war, Teresa De Sio does not support the flag, but takes beautiful high, as in "To the south, south"And makes twittering on popular songs, the concepts right, the holy battles. It 'a perfect record so "Sacco and fire"? All. But it is a hard visceral. And when did the viscera are perfect? By definition are imperfect, dirty, corrupt. The viscera are thrown. But you can also throw on the table because they contain the courage and passion, two weapons in the hands of Teresa are not dead.
They are the best fruit when popular music is the music copyrights and parenting produces a magical mixture and saving. We are, we are next to Teresa when she writes (and sings, especially singing, breeze and raging storm): "And I know ll'anni past and is always 'on the same song / na vote was' or Piedmont and N'ata vote was 'or Burbon / but also chiste and mo, overo fietenti know / Who' o tene s'o maintain. ... who n'culo nun tene niente " (Sacco and fire"). Or: "I want to give a damn mother / of all the good ways / I want to set my powder / dust with the sun" (I would not fear").
Then there are the oasis: the africaneggiante "Ukellelle"With the sublime counterpoint of Esha Tizafy: "It feels so chillu Luntana / Pens ca ce po 'is still hope / Cull'uocchie dry Addò is trying to shore / And turn to earth crosses and addreto / he goes," reminiscent of the dry way with which even Gianmaria Testa told similar stories. Or the "Lullaby" who cry: "Here Teresa, her!" "And you too Duorme Duorme / Ca nun is cchiu criatura / Duorme Duorme and is safe / Ca ce stong 'I am close to you / Ca stongh'io cu ce te". A song that seems to date back to the time of "Piano and voice" sweet, understanding, warm and soothing, sung in that voice, that voice that envelops and pulls, ripping the curtains of time and makes lace and fine powder.
All songs of Teresa, except two: start with "Death and Zi Frangilli"And with the pre-final"Tambureddu"Which is by Domenico Modugno. Zì Frangilli not add anything to the disc (and is not a strong start) Modugno yes because transformed into a violent rhythm machine, on which the voice of Teresa, as elsewhere, lends a hand rumoristica. A level of interpretation is then missed the finale of "Vulesse addEvent"When the ratio fish / woman, fisher man-tips and take turns now one, now another exchange mozzichi and excerpts of meat"E or take them to muozzeche and eat m'o / Isso ca me vuleva Magna / And I vuleva tene 'nzerrata dint' home soya / But I m'o magno. E 'pure folk theater, comedy, drama.
We waited seven years before the record run and only two years between "South southAnd "Sacco and fire, But two discs of different souls. The first popular and playful, this songwriting, with strong popular roots, and darker, more angry. The more indignant and combative.
Queue, to close the whole, the epic anthem of all of us Brigades frontierThat the border we have not ever seen. But we saw a woman on the hill clutching a flag and waving it in time. The flag was red, the woman was Teresa: Teresa De Sio.
Giorgio Maimone • (translated by Google)

Teresa De Sio: voice, acoustic guitar, tammorra
Max Rosati: acoustic guitar, 12-string guitar, electric guitar, classic guitar
Giuseppe Don Peppino De Trizio: mandolin
Her: violin
Upapadia: percussion, tammorra, voice
Mario Guarivi: bass
Fred Casadei: bass
Luca Trolli: drums
Vito De Lorenzi: drums, tammorra
Peppe Voltarelli: voice
Esha Tizaty: voice

01 A morte e zi’ Frungillo
02 Sacco e fuoco
03 Non tengo paura
04 A figlia d’o rre
05 Amen
06 Ukellelle
07 Due ore al giorno
08 Ninna nanna
09 Vulesse addeventare
10 Tambureddu
11 Brigate di frontiera

2007 • C.O.R.E./Edel0181822ERE

Sacco e fuoco

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