Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Ghetonia ::: Riza

A cross between Italy, Balkans and Stravinsky. Ghetonia is something to be taken into account as “generation next”, just a kind of absolute aesthetic perfection of musical form and contents. They are a highly excitable, improvisationally eclectic, world-jazz-contemporary group whose amazing musical language blends timeless sounds and words absorbing Italian, Greek, Balkan, Pizzica, Taranta and much more. Group’s recordings and concerts are to be listed among the finest expressions of Italian musical culture. GHETONIA comes from a very old Greek speaking community based in Southern Apulia, where Griko language has been speaking around for 3.000 years (it's Homer's language). Last album "RIZA" (cd+dvd), that means “root” in ancient and modern Greek, collected praises all over the world and is already took into consideration as a supreme “classic recording” in the field

Roberto Licci: vocals, acoustic guitar
Salvatore Cotardo: soprano sax, clarinet
Emanuele Licci: voice, classical guitar
Antonio Cotardo: flute
Admir Shkurtaj: accordion
Franco Nuzzo: percussion

01 Luna otrantina
02 Artigiana
03 Ipuno
04 Mavro ce skotinò'
05 Orrio to fengo
06 Aspro to kartì'
07 Is oria-mu
08 Malia
09 Riza
10 Terra e sale
11 Panta s'agapisa
12 L’aria de lu trainu
13 Diavika
14 Ballata macedone
15 Sutt'acqua e sutta jentu

2009 • Maffucci music MM250


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