Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Roberto Carlotti ::: Il giardino di Sofia

One of the most applauded accordion-player from Milan, finally gives birth to a CD all of his own, after so many experiences in folk bands and together with song-writers. A rich host of well appreciated special guests includes Stefano Valla, Gabriele Coltri, Vincenzo Caglioti, and Maurizio Dehò. Entirely written by Carlotti, this CD is delicately gliding away in a smooth chain of melodies that can be danced too but are preferably intended to grace the listening of those who love practice music through ears and not through feet!

Roberto Carlotti: accordeon
Vincenzo Caglioti: melodeon
Gabriele Coltri: bagpipes, flute
Maurizio Dehò: violin
Marco Fusi: clarinet
Massimo Germini: guitar
Elena Ponzoni: violin
Gaetano Puzzutiello: double bass
Caroline Tallone: hurdy-gurdy
Stefano Valla: Piffero
Villa Massimo: guitar, bouzouki

01 Nazional Popolare
02 Mazurka Ippazio
03 Scottish a Ballyheigue
04 Il giardino di Sofia
05 Valzer per il Valla
06 Polka a Lorient
07 Scottish a Stavros
08 Valzer a Chiaiolella
09 Mazurka a Pilaz
10 Scottish a Pilar
11 Est
12 Mazurka a Stavros
13 Rigaudon
14 Mazurka in Re minore
15 Bourrèe due
16 Ragtime
17 Valzer a Pilaz
18 Horn pipe

2007 • Folkclub Ethnosuoni ES 5366

Il giardino di Sofia

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Anonymous said...

Non lo conoscevo, lavoro molto interessante e bello... Grazie!