Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Antonio Petronio & Volano i mantici ::: In viaggio

Antonio, born and living At Esperia, in the province of Frosinone, started playing melodeon as a child. He was part of Piccola Orchestra La Viola and Musicisti del basso Lazio. 
Currently he teaches melodeon at Volano i mantici association and directs the eponymous melodeons orchestra, consisting of 25 elements

Antonio Petronio: melodeon, voice
Alessia Carcone, Maria Grazia Gatti, Luigi Villani, Ivan Palombo Cerrito, Roberta Pelle, Alessio Di Prete, Pia Palombo, Katia Aceto, Andrea Aceto, Marco Aceto, Daniele Del Gigante, Antonio Di Nardo, Maria Grazia Belcuore, Antonio Belcuore, Grazia Di Costanzo, Maria Civita Aceto, Giuseppe Paliotta, Martina Petronio: melodeons
Emanuele Palombo Cerrito: accordion
Michele Palazzo: tamburello
Ercole Fiorillo: vocals, castanets
Serena Paliferro: vocals
Danilo Di Paolonicola: accordion
Giuseppe Colapietro: accordion
Rosa Angelone: violin
Cristian Di Fiore: zampogna
Manilo D'Adamo: clarinet
Livio Di Fiore: ciarammella
Salvatore Palazzo: ciarammella
Lucia De Martinis: tammorra
Michele Palazzo: tamburello, cassa elettrica
Luciano Di Fiore: tamburello, cassa elettronica
Serafino De Juliis: bass
Mario Bruni: double bass
Marco Iannetta: drums

01 Irlanda (Antonio Petronio)
02 Viaggio (Antonio Petronio)
03 Pizzica (trad)
04 Regina Solianu (Alessandro Parente)
05 Saltarello (trad)
06 Bakunsaso (A. Petronio - A. Parente)
07 Fulmine (Riccardo Tesi)
08 Gira la canzone (Sparagna)
09 Tango (Antonio Petronio)
10 Tammuriata (trad)

2009 • Musicomania DDD252

In viaggio


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Wow, what a great record. Wonderful arrangements and instrumentation and varied rhythms. Great Blog - thanks to everyone for all their work and time to share this wonderful music.

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