Wednesday, March 17, 2010

This Agricantus production underlines the innovative use of a new sonority between rock & ethnic jazz.
Amazing contribution of Lutte Berg, eclactic guitarrist, who gives to the tracks an "energic" & "hot" sound.
"Pinseri" and "Orbi Terrarum" are occasions for trips among elecktro, drum’n’bass and ethnic, while "Jamila" , launched on occasion of the Emergency campaign, underlines the contribution on the part of Agricantus to all those people fighting for peace

Toni Acquaviva: drums, percussion, sampling, guitar synth, vocals
Mario Crispi: ethnic flutes, sampling, keyboards
Giuseppe Panzeca: mandolines, tardint, setar, guimbrì, oud
Mario Rivera: bass, sampling, keyboards
Rosie Wiederkehr: keyboards, vocals

01 Jamila (R. Wiederkehr - T. Acquaviva - F. Bruno) 4'57"
02 Jusu e Susu (T. Acquaviva - R. Wiederkehr) 4'37"
The chill-out experience - Remix by Mario Rivera
03 Pinseri (T. Acquaviva - R. Wiederkehr) 5'27"
Bluecheese Mix
Additional production + Remix by Keir and Mathew
04 Amatevi (Agricantus - Pivio - A. De Scalzi) 4'53"
Original Soundtrack "I Giardini dell'Eden"
by Alessandro d'Alatri
From "Buddha Bar Vol. IV"
05 Presence (M. Crispi - M. Rivera - R. Wiederkehr) 3'58"
From "Ethnosphere"
06 Orbi Terrarum (T. Acquaviva - M. Crispi - R. Wiederkher) 7'03"
Dj Rocca Deepmix
Additionalproductions and remixby Dj Rocca(Maffia Soundsystem)
07 Ciavula (M. Crispi - T. Acquaviva) 3'53"
Short version
08 Viaggi (Agricantus - D. Pinelli) 4'42"
Tonj version
09 Spiranza (T. Acquaviva - R. Wiederkehr) 4'25"
Original Soundtrack "Placido Rizzotto" by Pasquale Scimeca

2002 • CNI CNDL14220 • CNI/ElleU Sconfini


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